Solo Seal Awards

Highest Vocational Graded examination of the RAD.


Solo Seal Awards

The Solo Seal Award is the highest Vocational Graded examination of the Royal Academy of Dance and focuses on solo performance. It is a true test of a dancer's abilities as it requires candidates to perform three contrasting variations, which have been selected to meet the stylistic and movement demands of today's choreographers and directors.

Prerequisite: Candidates must have gained Distinction in their Advanced 2 Vocational Graded ballet examination.

Candidates are required to prepare three variations as follows:
19th Century (Set variation) : Genée Port de Bras (female) or Largo (male)
20th Century (Classical Repertoire): choice of one variation from the list compiled by the RAD
21st Century (Commissioned Solo): choice of one variation from the list compiled by the RAD


Solo Seal Awards take place in Johannesburg only, provided there are a minimum of 3 candidates. Closing date for 2016 entries is 23 June.

The Awards are judged by a RAD examiner and a professional dancer or former dancer from a ballet company.

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