Social Responsibility Vision Statement

The RAD's responsibility to its members.


The RAD acknowledges its responsibility to its members not only to maintain a well-managed and well-governed organisation, but to contribute to the growth and cultural strength of the communities that it serves and in which it operates. That dance crosses barriers of language and culture has in no small way contributed to the global success that the RAD enjoys today. With our founders’ objectives in mind and given the success currently enjoyed by the Academy, the Trustees have approved the creation of a Social Responsibility Fund to support innovation and need in dance education, training and performance, especially in communities where opportunity is limited. The fund will help the Academy, through financial support and artistic guidance, to create sustainable dance education, training and performance opportunities.

The Academy through RAD Enterprises (the Academy’s trading company) and its branch outlets has launched a worldwide scheme to place 2% of the ‘pre-tax’ price of all goods purchased into designated local funds to aid the development of bursaries, scholarships, awards and special activities with the aim of creating opportunities where otherwise opportunities would not exist. The purpose of these 'funds' will vary according to the specific needs of each country or community.

Dance has the power to inspire, empower, invigorate and educate but only where opportunities to dance, to learn to dance or to watch dance already exist. Every change starts with a small step. The Royal Academy of Dance Social Responsibility Fund is a first small step towards positive change.




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