RAD Fees 2020


  South Africa Rest of Africa
& Mauritius
Fee per candidate / participant Rand (Incl VAT) Rand
Primary in Dance 514 649 471
Grade 1 586 693 510
Grade 2 620 728 538
Grade 3 686 793 596
Grade 4 727 837 631
Grade 5 751 859 653
Grade 6 810 918 704
Grade 7 816 926 709
Grade 8 862 1,007 749
Intermediate Foundation 941 1,263 817
Intermediate 1,199 1,309 1,043
Advanced Foundation 2,097 2,206 1,823
Advanced Foundation (Member) 1,290 1,400 1,122
Advanced 1 2,157 2,264 1,876
Advanced 1 (Member) 1,348 1,456 1,173
Advanced 2 2,200 2,309 1,309
Advanced 2 (Member) 1,393 1,500 1,211
Solo Seal Award N/A 2,856 N/A

Solo Seal Award (Member)

N/A 2,179 N/A
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 (per unit) 454 566 395
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 (per unit) 566 679 492
Discovering Repertoire Level 4 (per unit) 679 793 591
Class Award
Pre-Primary in Dance 430 539 375
Primary in Dance 490 598 426
Grade 1 513 621 446
Grade 2 538 645 468
Grade 3 553 661 482
Grade 4 587 694 510
Grade 5 605 714 525
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 (per unit) 397 510 346
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 (per unit) 465 578 404

Discovering Repertoire Level 4 (per unit)

533 646 463
Presentation Classes
Grade 6 638 746 554
Grade 7 644 753 560

Grade 8

671 780 583
Solo Performance Award
Grade 1 473 520 411
Grade 2 495 564 431
Grade 3 513 579 446
Grade 4 546 615 474
Grade 5 562 628 489
Demonstration Class
Level 1 or Level 2 234 342 203
Minimum fee
Minimum fee payable if examining
time less than three hours
14,095 N/A 14,095
Incomplete or amended entries
and dishonoured payments
Late entries - week 1 10%
Late entries - week 2 20%
Certificates 70
Medals / Bars 70
Result Enquiry 630
Appeal 1,365
Solo Seal Pianist Fee
Including rehearsal and examination 950
Exams Feedback Seminar
Attendance Fee 510
Attendance Fee (Member) 275



Only one single payment from teacher or school will be accepted for both Graded and Vocational Graded examinations. We are unable to accept individual payments from candidates.


A fee is payable for each candidate entered for an Examination, Class Award, Solo Performance Award, Presentation Class or Demonstration Class.

There are two fee structures, one for examinations in AECs (Approved Examination Centre, normally the teacher's own studio) and one for examinations in RAVs (RAD Approved Venue, premises provided by the RAD, primarily but not exclusively for Vocational Graded examination levels). The RAV fees are higher, as these cover the RAD's costs in providing studio hire, pianist/CD operator and the Examination Attendant.

The content and requirements of Examinations and Classes are set out in Specifications including Examination Information, Rules and Regulations document available on the Academy's websites www.rad.org.za/specifications.

Candidates will receive a certificate, result form/assessment report, medal and/or bar according to the type and level of award, and the outcome.

  • The Member fee for Advanced levels is applicable only if the candidate is a member at the time of receipt of the application; the candidate cannot apply for membership at the same time as entering.

  • Venue Surcharge – the RAD has an official studio at national headquarters in Bramley only, and teachers who enter candidates in an AEC session in Johannesburg are required to pay a venue surcharge of R30 for each candidate. This surcharge is over and above the examination fee.

  • Where candidates are entered for examinations in Approved Examination Centres (AECs - teachers' own studios) and there is less than the published minimum amount of examining (usually three hours), the Applicant is required to pay the minimum fee level as quoted in the Fees Table.

  • All fees are quoted in South African Rand currency and include 15% VAT, except for neighbouring countries where VAT is not applicable.
    Only one single payment from teacher or school will be accepted. We are unable to accept individual payments from candidates.

  • The RAD only publishes examination fees for countries where there is an established provision of examination services and where the scheduled examination session exceeds a minimum of seven days. Applicants requesting an examination service in a country where the Academy has no presence, or where the area is considered to be sufficiently remote to render a tour uneconomic, or where the number of examination days has fallen below the minimum of seven days, must contact the RAD national office in Johannesburg as further conditions will apply.

  • Applications made after the published closing date will incur a surcharge (see table). Late entries cannot be accepted more than 14 days after the closing date in any circumstances.
    Entry forms returned to the Applicant requiring amendment or completion and any changes made to entries received after the closing date will incur a fixed surcharge as shown in the table.

  • Applicants whose payments are returned by the bank will incur a fixed surcharge of R200 each time a fee is rejected. Applicants whose credit card payments are refused by the credit card company will incur a handling fee equivalent to that charged by the credit card company.

  • Fees for replacement certificates, result forms, assessment reports, medals and bars are shown in the fees table.
    For information about withdrawals and refunds, please see Specifications including Examination Information, Rules and Regulations document.