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RAD courses 2018.


We offer a range of CPD activities for dance teachers and dance professionals - both Onsite (face to face) and Online.



CPD workshops for 2018

We have lots of new and exciting CPD workshops running this year. Syllabus, non-syllabus, practical workshops and online courses: there is something for everyone. Upcoming activities include:

Practical Workshops

Foundations & Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique (two days)
This workshop focusing in detail on the steps and movements contained in the RAD publications The Foundations of Classical Ballet Technique and The Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique.

The aims of this workshop are to:

  • examine the steps and movements contained in the two publications in the context of the RAD syllabus
  • understand what the elements, positions and movements are, why they are important and how they should be performed
  • provide the opportunity for critical analysis of steps and movements
  • enhance knowledge of the technical foundations of the RAD and other ballet examination syllabi, and
  • gain a practical and critical awareness of the study of classical ballet movements and steps.


Core Stability & Flexibility for Young Dancers (one day)
This workshop will focus on core stability and will address safe and effective stretching / flexibility training for dancers of varying ages and abilities. Movement sessions will include alignment and strength; dynamic mobility; modifying core stability and flexibility training for young dancers.

The aims of this workshop are to:

  • To enhance teachers' knowledge and understanding of core stability and how best support young students' development for optimal performance
  • To develop teachers' knowledge and understanding of flexibility in dance along with how to evaluate students and modify training according to their needs.


Grades 1 – 3 Revision Workshop (two days)
Participating teachers will be able to review and build on their existing knowledge and understanding of the Grades 1, 2 and 3 syllabus exercises. This workshop is recommended for those who have completed the Introduction to Grades 1 – 3 Teachers' Course and want to revisit key aspects.

This workshop aims to:

  • Provide an overview of syllabus exercises allowing teachers to refresh and expand their existing knowledge in relation to the syllabus content
  • Exemplify the required movements as notated in The Foundations of Classical Ballet Technique
  • Clarify the process, methodology, music and development of the vocabulary and choreography found in the syllabi
  • Provide an opportunity for teachers to understand the mark scheme and how this applies to the preparation of students for assessment: Examinations, Class Awards and Solo Performance Awards where appropriate.
  • How to 'top and tail' recorded music appropriate to the number of students entered per set/group.


Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate Revision Workshop (two days)
This workshop aims to give teachers an opportunity to revisit the content of Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate and to gain a deeper understanding of the appropriate development required for success in the teaching of these levels. It is recommended for those who have completed the Introduction to Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Teachers' Course and want to revisit key aspects.

It will cover:

  • aims of the syllabi
  • learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • choreographic content
  • guidelines on how to further develop technique, artistry, musicality and creativity in students in relation to the content of the examination
  • teaching methods appropriate for the delivery of these syllabi, and
  • advice on preparation and procedures

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to better understand the 'how' of teaching the syllabi and the role of the dance educator in nurturing and developing thinking, intelligent dancers. It is essential that teachers gain not only a secure knowledge of the content (WHAT) but also an in-depth understanding of the methodology (HOW), with equal emphasis on the development of musicality and artistry.



This is a practical workshop in which teachers will gain knowledge of selected class work, development exercises, and variations, as well as practical and techical insights for teaching Discovering Repertoire.

The aims of this workshop are to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary and technique used in Discovering Repertoire
  • Develop analytical skills and a range of strategies to support the learning and teaching of ballet repertoire to students.



To apply for any of the above onsite courses, please complete and return the CPD Activity Application form with payment to the RAD national office in Johannesburg. Email:


Online Lecture Series

Our online lectures will be available to book again from 11am (GMT) on 9 December with a start date of 9 January. Please note that places are limited so book your place as soon as possible.

This series of free online lectures created by the RAD Faculty of Education includes:

  • The Adult Ballet Learner

  • An Introduction to Personalised Learning

  • Somatic Tools for Dance Education

  • An Introduction to Mindsets

These online lectures are each worth 2 hours of Time-Valued CPD To register for an online lecture go to: