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RAD courses 2017.


We offer a range of CPD activities for dance teachers and dance professionals - both Onsite (face to face) and Online.



CPD workshops for 2017

We have lots of new and exciting CPD workshops running this year. Syllabus, non-syllabus, practical workshops and online courses: there is something for everyone. Upcoming activities include:

Practical Workshops

First Aid for Dance Teachers (one day)
A tailored First Aid workshop delivering practical and useful information specifically covering First Aid issues which you may encounter in the dance studio. This workshop will include the legal aspects and dangers of First Aid, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), circulatory problems including allergic reactions, respiratory problems and asthma, fractures, muscle injuries, strains and sprains, and other medical problems such as diabetes and epilepsy.


Foundations & Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique (two days)
This workshop focusing in detail on the steps and movements contained in the RAD publications The Foundations of Classical Ballet Technique and The Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique. The aims of this workshop are to:

  • examine the steps and movements contained in the two publications in the context of the RAD syllabus

  • understand what the elements, positions and movements are, why they are important and how they should be performed

  • provide the opportunity for critical analysis of steps and movements enhance knowledge of the technical foundations of the RAD and other ballet examination syllabi, and

  • gain a practical and critical awareness of the study of classical ballet movements and steps.


Focus on Classical Dances: Grade 4 (one day) and Grade 5 (one day)
This workshop focuses on the five classical dances within the syllabus and equips teachers with a secure base from which they can expand and develop their knowledge in relation to the dance syllabus content. The workshop aims:

  • To exemplify the required movements as notated in “The Foundations of Classical Ballet Technique” book

  • To provide ideas on methodology and development of the choreography found in the dances

  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to understand the Mark scheme and how these apply to the preparation of students for assessment: Examinations, Class Awards and Solo Performance Awards.

  • To enable teachers to experience movements appropriate for the development of the technique, artistry and musicality required for the Dances.


Teaching Fit: Injury Prevention, Fitness and Wellbeing for Dance Teachers (one day)
This one day practical workshop will cover injury prevention, fitness and wellbeing for dance teachers.

The workshop will begin with a practical session, integrating Pilates, ballet based floor work, dynamic stretching and body conditioning exercises. This will also include a review of fitness fundamentals, strategies for helping to prevent injuries common among dance teachers, and tips for designing your own set of time-efficient, mat-based exercises you can do at home or on the road, specifically tailored to keep dance professionals 'teaching fit.'

This workshop aims to review and deepen the understanding of fundamental principles of fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, core stability, flexibility, cardio respiratory endurance), identifying injuries to which dance teachers are commonly susceptible, and explore effective, time-efficient strategies to help prevent injuries, and to improve and maintain fitness and stamina.


Syllabus Strategies: Focus on Grades 1 – 3 (one day)
This course is designed to look in depth at the philosophy of the new work and to improve understanding of specific areas within the new syllabus, particularly in regards to its technical, musical and performance aspects as identified by examiners. You will reflect on the relevance and interpretation of the assessment criteria in selected exercises and dances, and provide a platform to discuss, explore and develop strategies to strengthen areas of the new work. You will also be better able to understand the 'how' of teaching the syllabus, increasing knowledge of the assessment criteria and gaining insight into how the candidates are generally coping in the exams.


To apply for any of the above onsite courses, please complete and return the CPD Activity Application form with payment to the RAD national office in Johannesburg. Email:


Online Lecture Series

Our online lectures will be available to book again from 11am (GMT) on 9 December with a start date of 9 January. Please note that places are limited so book your place as soon as possible.

This series of free online lectures created by the RAD Faculty of Education includes:

  • The Adult Ballet Learner

  • An Introduction to Personalised Learning

  • Somatic Tools for Dance Education

  • An Introduction to Mindsets

These online lectures are each worth 2 hours of Time-Valued CPD To register for an online lecture go to: